Coronavirus Update 27.3.20

27th March 2020

Hi everyone,

COVID-19 update 27.3.2020

We have come to the end of what has been a really extraordinary week, one which we could never have dreamed of. We have all faced challenges that we had never even thought of but have found answers, everyone has come together and supported one another and I thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support and patience. Our children have been amazing and adapted so well to a different way of learning and I’m so proud of all of them.

The world has been forced into 21st Century learning as 87% of our learners have been affected by the COVID-19 virus in the form of school closures and we can only see this as an exciting opportunity to develop not only our home learning curriculum but the curriculum of the future. We are learning as we go along, from each other and from others around the world who are further on than us. Today we had our first zoom staff meeting where our teaching staff shared ideas for next term’s learning webs, the ideas flowed and flowed. Then I had a zoom meeting with heads from Finland, Germany, Estonia, Italy, Spain and more and we talked about how we can develop future learning. The Finnish head said that in only 2 weeks children have moved from sharing pictures of pets and food to real engagement in inspirational and innovative thinking. Most heads found that the children who showed most reluctance in class were showing the most resilience at home…interesting!! Lots of food for thought, my brain is on overload!

Normally, today would see all schools close for the Easter holidays and re-open on Tuesday 14th April. I think you’ll agree that both our staff and children (and you) all deserve that break so we don’t expect any children or staff to be accessing home learning over this Easter period. Staff are happy to check in every few days to address any personal concerns you or your children may have and will resume to “normal” home learning from 14th April. If you have any immediate concerns or questions, no matter how trivial, then please contact me on

If you are a key worker and there is nobody at all in the household who can safely look after your child during the Easter period and beyond, as promised, we will ensure provision is in place on a rota basis with one school open at one time. This means your child may not be with a member of staff they would normally be with. This provision also applies to those with an education health care plan or an allocated social worker. School will be closed to ALL pupils however on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

If you are eligible for free school meals then a voucher will be sent to you on Monday through the post. If you have not done so already please email me (see details in my last communication on 25.3.2020).

Hope you all have a lovely Easter break, take care and stay safe!

Paula Blackburn