Day two

Unfortunately, it was too windy last night to have a camp fire. Mrs Rusga doesn't like lighting fires when it's windy so we played games in the dining tent and had hot chocolate and biscuits instead!! 

We were woken up by the cuckoo and next doors campers! The cuckoo sounded like it was in Teds tent! 

We had porridge and cereal for breakfast at 8am then got ready for our trip. We walked to Hugh Town then got a boat,  the boat took us around Annet. We saw loads of puffins, shags, cormorants, a gannet and a seal. After that, the boat dropped us off at St. Agnes. We found a gorgeous beach where we had lunch, looked at the wildlife and made stick shadows. It was awesome. 

After that, we went for an ice cream at a dairy farm. The lady who served was really impressed with our palettes, she said children usually go for chocolate or vanilla but we tried four berries, coconut, coffee and lots more!! 

We walked over to the isle of Gugh and found a huge skeleton, fish like. We found out it was a common dolphin. 

We got the boat back and we are looking forward to our pasties for tea!! Hopefully, tonight we can have our camp fire and toast marshmallows and sing along with Mr T-Moore and his guitar. 

Big hugs to all our families.

Written by Maddie, Cory, Elliot, Jack and Ted.