Autumn Term 1 Overview - 2016

Our topic this term is called 'Conflict and Resolution'.  We follow an enquiry based learning approach which allows the children to take charge of their learning and really become inspired by the things that interest them.  At the beginning of our topic we posed all the questions that we wanted to find out about and chose our own enquiry projects.  These projects have included acting out life as an evacuee to discover what it would have felt like, what their lives were like and why they had to leave the cities, all the way to how does a tank work? How did we first manage to fly in the sky?  Who invented hot air balloons? Why do butterflies have different colours? And why do some countries not have water supplies like England?  
Because the children have chosen these topics and projects themselves, their drive and curiosity has been wonderful to see flourish throughout the term. We can't wait to see their finished projects!
We have been very lucky to be able to use some replica newspapers as primary sources to help us with  our research which has very kindly been donated by to help support the children with their learning.