Butterflies Nurture Group


Based at Germoe School, with a satellite at Boskenwyn School, the Federation of Boskenwyn and Germoe School is pleased to offer Butterflies Nurture Group to 8-12  primary pupils (main focus EYFS/KS1). Butterflies is led by our SENDco (QTS) Angie Larcombe and our ICT lead professional (QTS) Lois Jones.  The aim of Butterflies is to provide positive experiences for children who would benefit from social, emotional and/or academic intervention to help them to thrive.


The ethos of Butterflies is based on the 6 principles of Nurture Grouping:

1) Children's learning is understood developmentally

2) The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing

3) The classroom offers a safe base

4) Language is a vital means of communication

5) All behaviour is communication

6) The importance of transition in children's lives


Our inspiring curriculum is practised through individualised learning journeys using the Reggio Emilia Inspired approach and Enquiry based learning teamed with growth mindset coaching. We have a safe, secure and exciting indoor and outdoor learning environment which is carefully planned to provide purposeful learning spaces where we can listen to, understand and develop the hundred languages of children. Learning spaces are light, dark, multi-sensory, comfortable and most importantly, stimulating to provoke curiosity and imagination. Resources are open-ended to encourage deep learning. Our highly qualified staff have a wealth of experience in ASD, Attachment, mental health, wellbeing and involvement, PDA, ADHD, visual aid, Autism, anxiety and much more. Individualised programmes of  support include massage, emotional first aid, drawing and talking, pottery, funfit, active intervention, dough disco, puppetry, animal assisted therapy, cookery to name but a few.


Progress is assessed using the Boxhall profile, Leuven Scales and our own tailor-made academic assessment spreadsheets designed by our talented staff. We also document the learning journey rather than the end product and display this on neutral walls to emphasise its' importance.


Butterflies nurture group, although in its infancy, is already having a positive impact on pupils, their families and their classroom peers. The academic progress of our vulnerable groups is above local and national averages for reading and maths. The social and emotional impact has been phenomenal, allowing our pupil's innate resilience and self-esteem to move to the forefront of everything they do and tackle challenges with increasing confidence. If you would like to discuss a placement at our mainstream school with a focus on Nurture then please do not hesitate to call us.