Kensuke's Kingdom

Over the last few weeks Godrevy Class have been studying the story "Kensuke's Kingdom" Here is Katie's summary of the story so far:
It's about a boy called Michael who travels the world in a boat called the Peggy Sue with his mum, dad and dog, Stella. One night, he was playing with a football on the deck, throwing it to Stella. He lost the ball over the edge, and when he tried to reach it, he fell in. A whole lot of panicking later, Michael and Stella land on an island, full of trees, beach and sea. He decided to build a fire, maybe the smoke would lure someone to the island to find him and his cute, slobbery dog. All of a sudden, a man, called Kensuke, comes up behind him shouting, "Damida, damida, what you doing? Man, this my island, don't come to my side of it. Fire is bad!"
We are all looking forward to hearing what happens next!
The whole story is written from Michael's point of view, but this week we have been focusing on Kensuke. We have learnt a few bits of his language:
Dameda- Forbidden
Abunai- Danger
Gomenasai- Sorry
and have considered the story from his point of view.
We've recorded a few clips of what we think the story would sound like if it was Kensuke writing it instead: