After School Care

We are now able to offer 'After School Care' a from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm Monday - Friday.  The charge is £3.00 per child per hour except those eligibhle for Free School Meals, for whom it is £2 per hour.
If a parent is late to collect their child then they will be charged extra (unless an exceptional circumstance which we have been made aware of) as follows: 
£3 per 15 minutes 
These sessions are relaxed and fun and we aim to spend as much as our time outside as possible..  We also have the opportunity to be doing some gardening, seed planting and growing vegetables .  If it is raining and we need to be indoors we have lots of options which can include cooking and some even choose to do their homework or read!  
All sessions need to be booked in advance where possible
Please contact Mrs Care in the office - 01736 763310 /