Maths at Germoe

Maths at Germoe School
Children's maths learning is split into 4 key areas “Number Sense”, “Additive Reasoning”, “Multiplicative Reasoning” and “Geometric Reasoning”. At Germoe School we give all pupils the opportunity to access various areas of mathematics at the same time, showing that the different areas are inter-related and allowing for a more realistic exploration of maths.

Alongside teaching the 4 key areas we also have one discovery maths session per week where
classes focus on investigations which support them with their problem solving and reasoning skills.
Not only do we expect children to learn the knowledge set out in the national curriculum, but also
to have an awareness of maths in everyday life, along with being able to think for themselves about
how to solve problems- drawing on a range of different strategies and techniques. 
Our calculation policy (found at the bottom of this page) sets out the different strategies normally taught at each year group. It focuses on the 4 operations, add, take, times and divide, and breaks each of these into using resources to model, using images to model, and then the more abstract representations of the problem. Having an understanding of the materials and the images helps children to understand what the abstract represents and why.
Across the school we also use mathletics, with all children having their own log-in details. Pupils can log in at