Godrevy Class Updates

Godrevy Class is for our year 5 and 6 pupils. We work with Miss Symons, Mrs Segal and Mrs Larcombe.
Spring 2023
Below you can see our topic web for our topic of oceans and seas.
Second half term:
Autumn Term 2023
Below you will be able to see our topic web for this term. We are focusing on World War 2 while making links to our learning from last year.
Summer Term 
This term we will be looking at the similarities and differences between Cornwall and the Western United States. 
Spring Term- 2nd Half Term
Having now developed our knowledge of the Maya civilisation in the first half term, we will be focusing on tropical rainforests next. Our topic web below shows you what we will be covering in all subjects. We also have bike ability coming up and are looking forward to seeing the "water rokit" video which we were filmed for last term.
Spring Term- 1st Half Term
Our topic for the first half of the Spring Term is Ancient Maya. We are focusing on the concepts of conservation, culture and perception to answer the question: What similarities and differences are there between the Maya civilisation and England in the 8th to 10th century? Scroll down to see our topic web which shows what we will be covering in our different subjects.
Autumn Term 2022
Our topic for the Autumn term is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and we are focusing on the concepts of tradition and community to answer the question 'How did England change during the settlement of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings?'  
Autumn Term, 2nd Half
Autumn Term, 1st Half

Summer 2022

Last summer term in Godrevy Class we have been busy investigating how we can be sustainable in the distribution and consumption of our food and water. After investigating and designing recipes we made 4 different quiches which were our contribution to our whole school platinum jubilee celebration. Which would you like to taste, garden vegetable, bacon and cheese, tomato and basil or ham and pea?

Alongside this we have built and raced our own go-kart, been camping on Dartmoor, taken part in our KS2 production of "There's No Place Like Germoe!"