Seesaw is the online learning platform that we use at Germoe and Boskenwyn Schools. It has 4 main uses:
1. To close the learning loop.
Children are often in one learning loop at school between themselves, their teachers, their peers and their school environment, and another loop at home between themselves, their families, their friends and their activities. By using Seesaw, we aim to bring these two loops together. As parents and carers, you can stop asking 'What did you do at school today?' and start enquiring 'Tell me about place value, that looked interesting.' As practitioners, we can link into all of the amazing things your child gets up to at home. Basically, we want to share!
2. To track activities, attainment and progress.
Often, your child's learning at school will be practical or outdoors and leave no imprint in their books. For this reason, we often photograph learning and upload it to a child's journal. We can then keep a record of their learning as they move through the school.
3. To communicate with you.
Seesaw enables you to communicate daily and directly with your child's class teacher, to receive announcements, and to group chat with your child's class teacher and other parents. For this reason, it is more efficient than email. Please feel free to use this platform to message us with anything from a simple enquiry into whether your child has PE tomorrow, to a more complex request to set up a meeting between multiple agencies.
4. To facilitate home learning.
How your child's class teacher chooses to use Seesaw for home learning will differ, but the main use will be for accessing and responding to homework.
If you would prefer paper copies of homework due to internet or hardware issues, please ask your child's class teacher. They will be more than happy to organise this for you.
Seesaw is not flawless but it is the best learning platform we have found so far. We hope you enjoy seeing all of your child's amazing learning and being part of their school journey.
You need 2 Apps.
This is the hard part!
The Family App is accessed via the family QR code (your child's class teacher has these).
On this App, you can:
- see and comment on your child's journal only;
- receive announcements;
- message your child's teacher privately;
- toggle between children if you have more than one child in school, so that all journals, announcements and messages are in one place.
The Seesaw App is accessed via a student home learning QR code (your child's class teacher has these also).
On this App, your child can:
- directly access their journal;
- respond to activities set by their teacher.
Your child CANNOT directly toggle between their own journal and their siblings'. They will need to log out of their own account and then their sibling will need to log back in.
Please see the link below for FAQs and then grab your child's class teacher for any extra support.
Thank you!