Coronavirus Update 16.3.20

16th March 2020

Latest advice from the government:

Please note the following: 

Anyone who has or lives with anyone who has a temperature or new, dry cough should self isolate and stay at home for 14 days 

Avoid social venues, stop non essential contact or travel (even if not in self isolation)

Only use NHS when you really need to.

Anyone with an Underlying illness or specific health conditions should stay home for 3 months (eg asthma) 

Note: Self isolation means not going out except for exercise and staying clear of others at all times

If your child is absent from school and well enough to continue their learning journey, please go to the school website, click on the home learning tab and you can access this term’s learning objectives. There is also a guide there for parents on how to support learning. If you cannot access the term's learning objectives online then please call the school for a print off.

School will not be closed until we are instructed to do so. We will continue to update you where necessary. 

Take care