17th March 2020

Coronavirus update 17/03/2020
As the virus continues to spread across our communities, the government advice is to keep schools open. The following procedures have been put in place to mitigate risks of transmission and help keep our learning community as protected as we can::
1) High levels of personal hygiene are practised at whole school and class levels; hand washing on entry and numerous times during the day, class discussions regarding hygiene, sneezing into crook of arm etc. Cleaning of frequently used surfaces is continuous throughout the day and the level of cleaning in the evenings has been increased.
2) All trips and sporting events or gatherings have been postponed until further notice, including swimming
3) Parents/relatives picking up or dropping off children will not be allowed to enter the classroom, the teacher will bring the children outside to meet them at the end of the day and collect them from the playground at the beginning of the day. 
4) Only visit the school office if absolutely necessary or essential. Monies can be given to children in an envelope or paid via the school account on line. Staff can be emailed with any queries and the school website will be updated daily whilst the children are still in school.
5) Children or staff who develop a temperature or cough during the school day will be sent home and asked to self isolate for 14 days. This advice should also be followed if symptoms begin at home for any member of the family.
6) Children will be encouraged to keep a safe social distance as much as possible; few to a table, no shaking hands or touching/hugging.
7) The HOME LEARNING tab on the home page of the website has been updated with our learning webs with objectives for the remainder of the term and will be updated again for next term Please encourage your children to continue their learning journey as they have a right to be educated. There is also a guide for parents to help you support their learning.
Social distancing is vital at these times, even when not showing symptoms, please follow the latest guidance on
As long as school is open, all pupil absences will need to be reported via phone to the school office (staff absences via phone to the headteacher). You should keep yourself or your child off school (and self isolate for 14 days) if:
a) You/they have a temperature or a new, dry cough
b) Anyone in the household has typical symptoms of COVID-19
c) You/they have an underlying illness or specific health condition
Self isolation means staying at home and avoiding social contact where possible (see above guidance)
Stay safe everyone from all staff and governors of the Federation