Day one

We travelled on the Scillonian at 9.00am. It was fun, but quite rocky!! We kept busy by reading and playing games and we were there in a flash. When we docked, everything looked really beautiful and the weather was spectacular! We went to the most gorgeous beach ever for lunch. A seagull tried to take Luke's lunch!! We then had a long but very scenic walk (did we mention it was long???).

When we had settled in to our excellent tents, the men from the wildlife trust came to take us for a walk along the cliff path. It was really pretty. We saw a black backed gull (the largest gull in the world), a rock pippin, an oyster catcher and a cuckoo. We also saw a seal and some wild ponies.

After that we went to our local beach which is only a two minute walk away and we made a dolphin out of shells. We learnt all about food chains on the Scillies and that the killer whale is actually a dolphin not a whale!! Did you know that?

We are now at camp looking forward to Mrs Quinney's cooking!!! We can't wait for our camp fire and marshmallow toasting later, Mr T is going to play his guitar while we sing along. Can't wait for day two. Hope you like the photos.

Written by Anneliese, Zack, Alfie, Matilda, Aiden and Pip.