Update 19.3.21

19th March 2021

Dear parents/carers,

COVID update 19.3.21

I hope you have all had a good week. Unfortunately, I have to start this communication on a poor note. Staff are shocked and surprised at the amount of children who are talking about their play dates in other family homes. We have even had a child talking about a birthday party! Please can I remind you that we are in a national lockdown. Restrictions remain in place and you should not be mixing with other families at their homes and you can still only mix with one other family outdoors. Children are in contained bubbles at school, although they are mixing with their own class, they are mixing under controlled measures, once children start entering another family home, they are putting themselves, you and us at risk by being in direct contact with other adults. If these adults test positive at any time then it won’t just be their own child who has to self isolate. We have also had a complaint from a neighbour about parents gathering for chats outside the school gates without masks and without a 2m distance. The neighbour has taken photographic evidence, I’m not sure whether he will report it to police. Please could you ensure you are sticking to all of the control measures we have in place and following the government guidelines. The last thing we want is another lockdown, I know of many schools in the North who have had to close again already, we don’t want to go the same way so please help us to keep as contained and as safe as we can.

Stranger Danger – We have been notified of a stranger hanging around in the Praa Sands/Germoe area and thought it best to mention it to all parents at both schools. Children have been so isolated for so long that this may be something to discuss with them. We will of course, mention stranger danger in school but reinforcement at home would be appreciated.

INSET days – Thank you all for taking the time to complete our questionnaire regarding postponing the INSET days from the week after May half term to the week after October half term. We had a huge response and the vast majority of parents, carers, staff and governors chose to move the INSET days. After collating the data, we discussed this as a staff team and at the full governing body meeting and we have decided to go with the majority vote. Therefore, the INSET days will now follow the October half term. We will still have our May half term break between May 31st and June 4th 2021. October half term will be 25-29th October 2021 and INSET week will now follow this week and be from  1-5th November 2021. The 21/22 INSET days will remain as 6-10th June 2022 following the May half term break. If you are one of the few families who have already booked a holiday during the cancelled dates then please contact me on head@germoe.cornwall.sch.uk and I will do my best to provide a solution or alternative.

Punctuality – Please can we remind to you arrive on time in the mornings, your allocated time is really important. Some children are arriving when the gate is already closed and sometimes without an adult. Classes have already gone inside and started learning so please ensure children arrive on time to prevent confusion, embarrassment and disruption to learning.

To finish with a positive, we had a fantastic International assembly this morning. We joined live via Zoom, our partner school, Scoil Mhuire in Dublin, Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with them and our other partners from Belgium, Turkey and Germany.  The headteachers in the different countries told our children how life was in their country then we went back to Dublin for lots of singing, dancing, poetry reading from the children at Scoil Mhuire. We were also given a small concert from a local Irish band, The Merry Ploughboys and treated to Father John playing his violin. Although we couldn’t all be present in person, it was great to be able to join everybody virtually. We felt very privileged.

Thank you for your ongoing support, have a lovely weekend

Paula Blackburn