Update 4.12.20

4th December 2020

Dear parents/carers,
Christmas production
Thank you to those who have returned the parental consent forms, those who haven’t please could you
return them to our secretaries as soon as possible please? We have had some parents not wanting their
children to be filmed and posted on Facebook so rather than the children missing out on the production,
we have decided to look for a more secure platform which has an encrypted passcode for you to view
privately. Once the movies have been put together we will send you the code in a personal email.
Christmas Lunch
Please could we have your orders in to secretaries as soon as possible so Sam and Sarah can order food.
When ordering, please state whether your child would like the Turkey or Quorn option. We will not be
able to take any orders after 9am on Monday 7 th December so please make sure you order before then.
Children entitled to universal free school meals and free school meals still need to order and state
Turkey or Quorn so we can calculate numbers
Parent Presentation
Thank you to those who attended the Zoom presentation on Blended Learning; our inquiry based
approach. Mrs Knight did a great job of explaining the approach in more detail and we were both
available to answer any queries. For those who couldn’t make it, the presentation was recorded and the
following link will allow you to watch it at your leisure.
There were a couple of things which parents said they were having difficulty with which we have now
Children saving work when part way through a task - Children can click at the top right of the screen
to save their work as a draft- teachers can still see this. Or, if they have posted it to their journal
already they can look at the post, click the three dots on the bottom right of the post and select
"edit item."
Germoe parents only – Instead of uploading reading records to Seesaw daily, please record daily reading
in your child’s reading record and upload a photo of the reading record at the end of each week. This
will make the task less onerous.
Statutory tests
The DFE have this week announced that the only statutory tests for 2021 will be Y6 Reading and Maths
SATs and Y1 Phonics assessment. I am however, joining a meeting next week with MP’s and
headteachers in order to fight for them to be abolished (for 2021 and beyond), I will keep you updated.
School Closures in Emergency

As some parts of Cornwall have had snowfall today, this is just a reminder that during inclement
weather periods, please could you listen to either Pirate FM, Heart FM or BBC Radio Cornwall who all
give regular updates on school closures from around 7am.
If you have any queries, please email me on head@germoe.cornwall.sch.uk. Have a lovely weekend.
Paula Blackburn