Day 3:

First of all we would like to say sorry for the lack of photos today but we don't get much reception here, and there is only one place to charge the technology.

We started the day walking through Holy Vale nature reserve where we spotted lots of different species of ferns, mosses and butterflies. We then walked onto Old Town and had lunch on the beach there. Then we carried on to Porthcressa beach- we went swimming, played team games, scrambled on the rocks, some of us were very brave and had a cold shower afterwards! Then we went to five islands school and played netball, tag rugby and football against their teams and Lostwithiel school. It was really good fun and the school was very welcoming, and very modern compared to ours- they even had a skate park! After that we went back to Porthcressa beach and had chippie tea- most of us had fish and chips but others had sausage, chicken burger, veggie burger or fish cakes. We had our long awaited camp fire on the beach and toasted marshmallows. After our long walk back to camp we had hot chocolate and chocolate biscuits!

Written by Dyami, Adam, Nell, Holly and Emily.