Horse riding at wheel buller

The day began in a surprisingly calm and orderly fashion. We left Germoe in plenty of time geared up for the day ahead- bags, boxes, boots and first aid. All the usual  paraphernalia. The drive seemed long but the excited chatter kept us all amused. When we arrived we were greeted by the most magnificent view over Carn brea. Many of us hadn't ridden before and the nerves began to set in but we were quickly distracted by the promise of lunch. We sat on picnic tables, munched our lunches and took in the sounds and  sights of a busy working stable. Before long some of the group were being fitted for hats as the rest of us got ready to meet a member of staff who introduced us to a beautiful and friendly pony called caramel. We waved the first group off as they left for their hack and the rest o us learnt how to groom and lead a pony. Everyone had a go. After a while we spotted a group of smiling faces confidently riding back up the rocky path . It was time to swap!      We all had a marvellous time. Nerves conquered, new skills acquired and we even received a Rossett.