Coronavirus Update 7.5.20

7th May 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE 7/7/20
Hello everybody,
I hope you are all well and keeping safe. Thank you all for your engagement and continued support, you and your children have shown such resilience. The teaching staff have once again chosen a star of the week, the videos can be found on the FROGS and FOBS pages. We completely understand that all circumstances are different and do not expect the same level of engagement from every family. We will continue to contact families who have not logged on to the leaning families to check all is well and offer support where required.
At present there aren’t any changes to government guidelines and schools remain closed to most pupils. The Prime Minister will make a speech regarding the next phase of lockdown on Sunday. Please be rest assured that we will not be returning to school until the scientific evidence says it is safe to do. We will of course continue to follow government guidelines and continue with home learning until then. When we hear of the next steps, our first action will be to send a questionnaire to all staff, parents and pupils (via parents) to gauge feelings and gather thoughts before taking any further action. We are also in continual discussion with unions, and the local authority.
Mrs Larcombe has put some more guidance on the school websites about understanding COVID-19. It is essentially for the children of keyworkers but I think a lot applies to all children who may have anxieties about the current situation. You can find the information under the home learning section under guide for parents. Our contacts details are all under each class, please do contact us if you have any concerns or require support.
Take care and stay safe
Paula Blackburn